Chapter 3 - Standards of Practice.

Missouri Code of State Regulations, Title 20 - DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND INSURANCE, Division 2197 - Board of Therapeutic Massage, Chapter 5 - Massage.

mo. (Updated for 2023) Massage therapists in Missouri must have a massage license issued by the Missouri Board of Therapeutic Massage to practice massage.

The complete report of the Board of Therapeutic Massage audit, which received a performance rating of "good," is online here.

Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy.

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20 &167; 2197-3. 522. Missouri Board of Therapeutic Massage 3605 Missouri Boulevard Box 1335 Jefferson City, MO 65102-1335 Phone (573) 522-6277 Fax (573) 751-0735 Fees There are fees.

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A student who seeks to take the national board certification examination through the national Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) will.

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Financial Administrator.
Application for a Massage.
Fax (573) 751-0735.



The Board of Therapeutic Massage protects the public from unlicensed, negligent, incompetent, and dishonest services relatingto massage therapy and massage therapy. . .

. The FSMTB members are state regulatory boards and agencies that oversee the profession of massage therapy and are charged with the mission of public protection. Code Regs. . The board shall approve the examination required by section 324.

In carrying out this mission, the Federation ensures the provision of a valid, reliable licensing examination to determine.

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