The OCAPs Mandated Reporter Training has been launched with updated content and a fresh new look Along with a general training for all mandated reporters, the website.

Welcome to this easy-to-use training web site for mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect in North Dakota. Missouris Mandated Reporter Law (Section 210.

Discusses laws that impose penalties, in the form of fines, jail time, or both, on mandatory reporters who fail to report cases of suspected child abuse and neglect as required by the reporting laws.


Please look at your PALS account in the personal information tab by clicking view more to see if your information is correct then contact our helpdesk. Since HHS Secretary Xavier Becerras February 9, 2023, letter to. State laws also may impose penalties on any person who knowingly makes a false report of abuse or neglect.

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Followed by the general training module, the Child Care Providers module is a three hour training that includes eight sections. February 20, 2023 at 1000 a.

. Upon scoring an 80 or higher you will be able to fill out and print your Certificate of Completion.

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) All mandatory reporters shall, upon finding reasonable cause, directly and immediately report suspected child abuse or neglect. This publication is a product of the State Statutes Series prepared by Child Welfare Information Gateway. You will Learn.

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